On July 17th 2017, the Catholic schools in Marawi, Philippines decided to take a 14day prayer for peace in the country. The Catholic Educational Association launched the 14days prayers in cooperation with the government officials in the country. The main aim of this initiative is to bring up and maintain peace in the country and to solve the fights and conflicts between the government security forces and terror gunmen in the southern city of the country.

As reported by the ucanews.com, the Association notified that “This communal action is intended to touch the hearts of the Catholic educational community to assist in the rebuilding of the city and also to help people build the city of Marawi, Philippines so that the citizens may return and restore their broken lives.”

The Catholic Educational Association consists of around 1,425 members and focuses majorly to provide fair education to the poor and suffering children in the country.

Source: www.ucanews.com