Holy Father Pope Francis, while addressing the faithful in St.Peter’s Square, Rome, conveyed the significance of understanding the differences between good and evil in order to live a divine life.  His Holiness also reminded the pilgrims about the difficulties in identifying the bad and the good in this world since the world is full of temptations.

As reported by the Catholic News Agency, Holy Father Pope Francis observed that “The Lord, who is wisdom incarnate, today helps us identify to understand that good and evil cannot identify with definite territories or determined groups of people.”  Further, His Holiness added, “We are invited to learn God’s timing and to see with His eyes, rather than focusing on our own, narrow vision.”

Holy Father Pope Francis concluded by requesting Mother Mary to intercede in helping the world to observe not only dirtiness and evil but also good and beautiful. After the Holy Mass, His Holiness also extended his prayers and expressed his sadness by voicing against the conflicts building up in Jerusalem, which have left seven people dead.

Source: www.catholicnewsagency.com