In an interview with an Italian newspaper ‘Il Sole 24 ore’, His Lordship Cardinal Pietro Parolin, an Italian prelate of the Catholic Church also the Vatican’s Secretary of the State, conveyed that if the problems between Russia and Western countries are going to be resolved then these countries must respect and overcome differences and personal interests in order to achieve peace. His Eminence also notified the significance of maintaining peace all over the world in order to avoid various crucial crises that may occur in the future due to such conflicts.

As reported by Catholic News Agency, His Lordship Cardinal Parolin, the Vatican’s top diplomat asserted that “The question of peace and search for a solution to the various crises underway should be placed above any national or in any case partisan interest.” Further, His Eminence added, “The Holy See’s consideration of Eastern Europe is long running, even in the most difficult times, the Church’s approach to diplomacy being always one of peace and the Holy See does not seek anything for itself.”

His Lordship Cardinal Parolin reminded about the wish and prayer of each Catholic to live their faith serenely in their respective countries like good citizens and thus the Catholic Church asks the right to freely profess one’s faith for harmony in the society.