The decision of the Venezuelan government to re-write the constitution of the country has caused many deaths and tensions in the country, knowing which the Holy See has urged the government of the country to suspend constitutional revision and asked the leaders to focus on the nation’s crippling humanitarian crisis. The Holy See asked specifically to avoid or suspend ongoing initiatives such as the new constitutional assembly, which instead of promoting peace mounts up a climate of tension and conflict in the future.

As reported by Catholic News Agency, Vatican Communiqué stated that “The Holy See expresses again her profound concern for the radicalization and aggravation of the crisis in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, with the increase in the number of deaths, wounded and those who have been detained.”

Venezuela’s socialist government is widely blamed for the growing crises and conflicts in the country due to poor economic policies, which have resulted in a severe lack of basic necessities including medicines. The Vatican has been seeking to help all, indiscriminately, and calling each person to fulfill their own responsibility.