The Millennials and Gen Z– generation need to understand whether social media platform is addictive or is it habitual? If it is addictive how we can minimize the effect. If it is a habit, how we can make a positive directive of the media.  Parents are often worried about the present generation and they are to some extent clueless how they can reduce social media impact. The session conducted by Fr. Franklin Joseph on media addiction and control, for the Mothers of St. Joseph Forane Church, Powai addresses the concerned areas.

The research shows, the basic triggering points to the human mind from a news are money, blood and sex. So any information regarding these areas, we tend to get curious to know more about it. one of the major concerns at present regarding media is pornography. It is a growing concern that, the searchers to these portals are aged 30 yrs and above. The game zone is also attractive with the areas that lead to money, blood and sex. Money in terms of points, blood in terms of violence and sex in terms of exploitation, physical as well as mental. The children innocently become the victims of the vivacious cycle. This could lead to addiction.

At the same time media has become important in our day-today life. Our current lifestyle is linked to media right from checking messages or alarm in the morning to setting reminders and checklist at night. It is a habit that we have cultivated in 2000. The habit when turned into overuse disconnects human contact leading to depression, anxiety etc.

However as a parent how can one control the exploitation? The Millennials and GenZ, parents need to be aware and understand. They need to educate the children about the same. It has become a necessity. This can save a whole lot of innocents turning into victims. Imbibe positive approach in terms of media usage. Following simple family rules based for the social media can save lot of chaos. Social media is unavoidable but at the same time controllable by each individual.  Therefore teaching on a proper net behavior to the children is the need of the hour.