The recent Catholic You Tubers Hangout, the first of its kind online meeting of dozen of Catholics from around the world who last month about bringing the Gospel to their You Tube Channels, had highlighted a message addressing the Catholics all over the world. The message read “Catholic You Tube junkies of the world unite-you are needed for the New Evangelization.”  The hangout was started by Daniel Glaze, who is one-half  of the channel “That Catholic Couple” and the other half is his wife Ana. The idea of Catholic You Tubers Hangout came when Daniel was watching a Catholic You Tube Video one day which made him wonder whether Catholics on You Tube knew each other or ever collaborated together.

As reported by Catholic News Agency, Steven Lewis of the “Steve the Missionary” channel remarked that “The community of Catholic You Tubers is necessary because Catholics need to get their voice in the hyper-progressive, strictly materialistic, and atheist and agnostic conversation happening on You Tube.”

The goals of the Hangout are: to create a community of Catholic You Tubers and to encourage further collaboration within that community.