On 9th August, 2017, Fr. P.D.Mathew S.J, the first Catholic Priest in India to become a lawyer, had taken a seminar on “Know your rights” for the priests of Kalyan Diocese, enlightening them with the knowledge of Indian laws and their proper implementations in the country. Rev. Fr. P.D. Mathew hosted the session in a very interesting manner by explaining and conveying the significance of the Constitution of India, which is regarded as the longest written constitution in the world.

Jesuit priest Fr. P.D.Mathew explained about the various rights which have been provided to the citizens of India and reminded the priests about their respective rights being a powerful citizen of the country. He also highlighted the rights of the children in India and elaborated by relating it to the POCSO Act (Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act). He reflected on the values of the Indian Constitution that needed to be followed by the citizens.

The seminar on “Know your rights” by the Jesuit priest was attended by a good number of priests of Kalyan Diocese, in Bishops House, Mumbai.