St. Euphrasia of the Sacred Heart, was a pious soul, a humble heart and a prayerful life. Her growth from a little docile girl to a Mother of millions today, is a perfect example of dedication and commitment.  What we lack in our lives, is the will to surrender ourselves to God. We tend to believe and live the life, we created for ourselves amongst the hustle and bustle of the worldly rush. Battling with time has always snatched our peace and happiness.  This race has always culminated in mental and physical trauma, exhausting the person emotionally and psychologically.  It is this time, when we should turn back, reflect on our conduct and seek St. Euphrasia’s intercession.

For St. Evuprasiamma, prayer was a very strong weapon.  Additionally, she always believed the constant presence of our Immaculate Virgin Mary besides her.  This virtue of St. Euphrasia should be replicated in our lives in order to overcome criticisms and obstacles.  Her devotion was so perseverant, so dedicated, that she never felt lonely. She received two significant visions in her life.  Both these visions became turning points and it was through the revelation of these visions that the world recognized her sanctity.  St. Euphrasia was an epitome of devotion.  Her reverence for Mother Mary was her strength all throughout her life.  At any difficult instance, she always felt the caressing hands of our Mother.

Like her, we should inculcate the values of personal prayer.  It is through these small efforts that Jesus tries to encounter us.  We should carry prayer as our weapon and should always seek our Immaculate Mother’s protection by our side. With Mother Mary besides us, we can assure a prosperous and secure life.  Today on, let us create opportunities of praising with the angels of God just like St. Euphrasia did.  With faith and hope as key strengths, let us follow the difficult yet, beautiful path of St. Euphrasia.