The U.S Conference of Catholic Bishops in their 2017 statement for Labor Day highlighted a properly ordered understanding of work, which gives equal importance to the workers and their family as well. The Conference focused on this vision of work which would ensure safe working conditions, show solidarity with those in poverty and seek to emphasize the dignity of the worker rather than solely economic gain.

As reported by catholicnewsagency, His Excellency Bishop Frank Dewane of Venice, chairman of the Committee on Justice and Human Development at the U.S Bishops’ Conference remarked that “Economic stresses contribute to a decline in marriage rates, increases in births outside of two-parent households and child poverty.” Further His Grace added, “However legal protections cannot all solve problems when the culture itself must also change and these changes must extend beyond politics and aim to recover the understanding of work as a cooperation with God’s creative power.”

The Bishops asserted about the helpless conditions of Labor unions and urged that the Unions must regain the voice of the unheard and be a line of defense for the vulnerable especially the foreigners and the discarded.