The Congress held by the Episcopal Commission on Doctrine of the Faith in Dong Nai Province, Vietnam, discussed the significant duties of Catechists in the nation , asking them to engage in effective dialogues and called them to listen to the people who are in need. Catechists in Vietnam should be trained as disciples of Jesus capable of assisting people to respect traditional values, was one of the takeaway messages from the national congress held at Xuan Loc Bishops’ House.

As reported by, Fr. Peter Nguyen Van Hien, head of the Ho Chi Minh City Archdiocesan Committee on Catechism remarked that “Communicating faith to people means trying to bring Good News values into society, live out positive traditional values that highlight respect for parents and teachers, family affection and uprightness.” Further, he added, “When catechists are educated to live the mystery of communion, their hearts are filled with joy and they are urged to reach out to people, especially the poor and marginalized, and bring God’s salvation to them.”

Some around 240 priests, religious and catechists from across the country attended the congress held by the Episcopal Commission on Doctrine of the Faith from August 28- September 1, 2017.