Hong Kong’s new Bishop His Excellency Michael Yeung highlighted the high level of disparity and low social mobility as the main causes of unhappy youth in the country and believes that only economic growth will solve the problem. His Grace Bishop Michael pointed out that young people in the city do not have the space to raise a child and have a proper family life, which is affecting the society.

As reported by cruxnow.com, His Excellency Bishop Michael remarked that “The younger folks have to stay with their parents even at the age of 30 because they have no place t set up their own family in the country and the original home is already very small and meanwhile the older folks in the country face a kind of loneliness and nobody cares about them, even if they are still able nobody is willing to provide a space for them to survive.” Further, His Grace added, “In recent times, there has been less social mobilization in Hong Kong and young people find it very difficult to go ahead in society and this may cause a lot of frustration which may turn into anger.”

His Excellency Bishop Michael Yeung is the new bishop of Hong Kong who succeeded His Eminence Cardinal John Tong Hon, on August 1, 2017.