Fr. Walter D’souza, head of the Archdiocese of Bombay’s Bible Committee is providing the Catholic community an opportunity to learn ancient Biblical Hebrew and Greek, the languages in which the Old Testament and the New Testament were originally written in. The initiative by the Catholic priest began last year to draw more attention and interest to the Bible. Fr. Walter, who has been heading the minor seminary at Our Lady’s Home Training Centre in Parel holds the classes every Saturday inside the orphanage’s premises and has a modest number of dedicated takers.

As reported by, Fr. Walter remarked that “Ancient Hebrew is a lot more similar to the modern version of the language and the consonants, the vowels and the sentence structure of both the modern and ancient languages are similar and what Modern Hebrew has is a far wider range of vocabulary.” Further, he added, “Most of the participants who sign up for the course have previously attended a Bible study class and through this course, many wish to know more about the Bible in its original form and thus, get a closer understanding of the scripture.”

Requirements of the course include prior knowledge of English grammar and also need to be either a Catholic or belong to any other denomination of Christianity.