Msgr. Emmanuel Kadankavil while addressing the faithful gathered at St. Joseph’s Forane Church, Powai, to participate in “Forty Hours for Life with the Lord of Life”, a new divine initiative by the Kalyan Eparchy Pro-Life Movement, to promote the culture of life through the Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, conveyed the significance of human lives and called the faithful to pray for the protection of lives. Msgr. Kadankavil reflected on various Bible verses which highlight the importance of life and asked the faithful to take it as a responsibility to protect human lives.

Msgr. Emmanuel Kadankavil remarked that “Everything is created by the Lord Almighty and so the Lord is the owner of every living and non-living beings on this earth, which itself convey that He has a purpose for each and every one because He created every human in His image and thus has extreme care for us.” Further, he added, “It becomes our duty to protect His creation and we can do that through adoration of the Blessed Sacrament because Adoration is a weapon to protect lives and this weapon is significant.”

Msgr. Emmanuel concluded his homily by reminding the faithful to fulfill the duty to protect the precious lives and to understand the uniqueness of life.