Sitting before the Creator, praying to protect His wonderful creations is a divine way to glorify His name on this earth. The faithful gathered at St. Joseph’s Forane Church, Powai, to praise the Lord Almighty for continuous forty hours through Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament with the intention of “Eva-Symposium On Life” and to protect the culture of life, experienced an eternal aura in the church, on the second day of the Adoration. The faithful of the Kalyan Eparchy submitted their prayers and intentions to heaven through rosary and submitted themselves before the Lord Almighty in the Adoration, leaving aside all the burdens of life.

The second day of the Adoration consisted of continuous praise and worship along with the rosary, praying for the insecure children in the womb of their mothers. Each rosary went up to heaven with glorious hymns and prayerful intentions of each one gathered in the Church. No one looked tired and none were uninterested but each one in the church recited holy prayers and rosary with much divinity and hope.

“Forty Hours for Life with the Lord of Life” is a divine initiative taken by the Kalyan Eparchy Pro-Life Movement to promote the culture of life through the Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament that is considered as a precious means of attaining a life of true discipleship and co-operation with God’s will.