“Declare his glory among the nations, his marvelous works among all the peoples!” [1Chronicles16:24]

It all began with a dream when the media missionaries of KMC thought about approaching each church under Kalyan Diocese with a mission to spread awareness on one among the most relevant topic which needed to be understood by the faithful. At the beginning, this seemed impossible but when prayer meets hard work, the wide world of possibilities opens up by enlightening new ideas and opportunities. Fr. Franklin Joseph, Director and also the backbone of KMC, encouraged the media missionaries to make this mission possible by setting up a high vision and boosted the volunteers to be responsible enough to accomplish the mission.

Kalyan Media Cell began its divine initiative “DioCom” on 23rd July, 2017, with a purpose to make the faithful understand the significance of communication in this digital age. The name “DioCom” refers to “Diocesan Communication” and “Dio” in the Italian language means “God”, so the name DioCom itself means “God Communicates”. The media missionaries/volunteers were divided into 12 groups as per their Foranes and they began visiting each parish under their Forane, to give a detailed session on the topic “Safe Digital Banking.”

The volunteers prepared themselves on each Sunday to present the session in respective churches, after the Holy Mass, with confidence before the parishioners, which attracted the faithful to remember DioCom as a unique event in the church. Meanwhile, other volunteers of KMC encouraged the parishioners to click photos with selfie frames of #KMC & #DioCom, Happy Events forms were given to the faithful who wished to post and publish their happy moments in life, on the website of www.catholicfocus.in. In this age of digitalization, when the volunteers explained about “Safe Digital Banking”, the people received the message with respect and love, by understanding and accepting the importance of the topic in life. The volunteers, as well as the parishioners, happily cherished the moments of DioCom, which fostered DioCom to reach its mission as the voice of God.