South Mumbai Forane celebrated Forane Youth Day on 24th September, 2017, marking the day as the most joyful and enthusiastic one, with their well-arranged programmes, which entertained the youth of the Forane gathered at St. Sebastian Church, Mahim. The Forane chose the theme of their Youth Day as “Disconnect to Connect”, which made every young hearts present there curious about! The day began with the Holy Mass celebrated by Fr. Antony Thekkinayath at 10:00 am, followed by a simple breakfast, after which the real fun began. The event continued after the felicitation ceremony in the presence of Fr. George Vattamattam, Director of Kalyan Eparchy Youth (KEY), Fr. Sinto Pulikkottil, assistant director of Kalyan Eparchy Youth and other dignitaries. The freshers of the Forane were welcomed with a freshers kit that overwhelmed the new heartbeats of the Forane to look forward for working actively with the Forane, understanding their roles and responsibilities.

Fr. George Vattamattam exhorted that “Last year, your Forane was the best-emerging Forane and this year I can see that you have the potential to be the best Forane, the active participation of the youth makes the South Mumbai Forane more energetic, which keeps everyone here  work tirelessly to be ahead and the best.” Fr. Sinto Pulikkottil encouraged the youth present, by remarking that “Never give up and understand that you cannot fail unless you give up, so try always harder in your life to never quit and be a blessing always!”

The fun in the event amazed every young hearts gathered, the session on “Disconnect to Connect” by Noel Mathew made the vibrant youth understand the importance of socializing without social media platforms, which gave rise to some interesting debates on this relevant topic. With great panache, the importance of disconnecting with social media networking and connecting offline with better things was been explained by Greby Thomas. The logical technique of “Cut, Copy, Paste” in the session by Allida made it more interesting which conveyed the message to cut the bad things from life, to copy the good things in life by getting inspired from others and to paste them in one’s own life to make life much more beautiful and meaningful. A heart-touching farewell, to the ever- energetic and brilliantly active youth member Joseph Puthussery, after his marriage, made the event even more magnificent. A session on the spiritual aspect of “Disconnect to Connect” was wonderfully given by a youth member, Oliviya. After which, amazing cultural programmes including dance, catholic skit and Comedy skit made the event more colorful. South Mumbai Forane Music band gave their best music for the day that made the young crowd spin the world with their dance steps. And now there were no strangers or freshers in the room, the young hearts learned to disconnect themselves from the digital world for the day and got connected to the real world with a bond of strong friendship. By 7:00 pm, South Mumbai Forane Youth Day marked its end for this year.