Holy Father Pope Francis while addressing the faithful gathered for his general audience continued his series of audience talks on Christian hope and conveyed that Christians are never pessimistic, resigned or weak, thinking life is an unstoppable train careening out of control. His Holiness explained that Jesus wants his followers to never let down their guard and to be on their toes, ready to welcome with gratitude and amazement each new day God gives us.

As reported by ucanews.com, Holy Father Pope Francis remarked that “Christians must be perseverant and life-giving, like wellsprings to irrigate a desert, for that reason, nothing happens in vain and no situation is completely resistant to love.” Further, His Holiness added, “No night is so long that the joy of dawn is forgotten and in fact, the darker the night, the sooner the light will come.”

His Holiness concluded his message by reminding that submissive people are not peace-builders, but they are lazy and they want to be comfortable and highlighted that having hope means never being submissive or passive, but being a builder of hope, which demands courage, taking risks and personal sacrifices.