Caritas workers provided relief aid to victims of large-scale flooding and landslide in Vietnam’s northern provinces. Many parts of the country’s northern and northwest provinces were flooded by heavy rains from October 10-12 and then further hit by Typhoon Khanun on October 16, 2017. The floods have damaged 75,600 hectares of rice and other crops and large number of livestock also perished and dozens of churches and facilities were inundated.

As reported by, His Excellency Bishop Joseph Nguyen Van Yen remarked that “We saw many places in the district still inundated and we had to travel by boat to offer instant noodles, rice, blankets and money to survivors to help them overcome hunger and the cold weather.”

“Most local Catholics offered relief aid to 24 families including Thai ethnic people at Pu Trang sub-parish after the floods and many of the Thai people had lost most of their possessions”, said Fr. Joseph Nguyen Trong Duong, as reported by Vietnam is prone to destructive storms and flooding due to its coastline and the country has been hit by 11 typhoons this year.