His Eminence Cardinal Charles Maung Bo of Yangon, the first Burmese Cardinal in the history of the Church, highlighted that Pope Francis’s trip to Burma will help heal the wounds of his country, especially for minorities under attack, the nation’s sole cardinal maintains. His Lordship stressed that the Vatican and others need to work toward healing the wounds of our nation, by showing a future that can bring positive results for all communities.

As reported by Catholic News Agency, His Eminence Cardinal Charles remarked that “Pope will likely encourage good steps, as a Church, we want to affirm the intensity of human suffering experienced by the Rohingya because this problem has been there for last 60 years and most intensely since 1982, when an unjust citizenship law passed.” Further, His Lordship added, “The Holy Father has stood against the winds of criticism and mourned the suffering of Muslims and Rohingyas.”

The report says that in three Burmese states, Christians are subjected to forced relocation, attacks on their places of worship and an ongoing campaign of forced conversion and brainwashing in schools funded by the government.