His Excellency Archbishop Protase Rugambwa, the Pontifical Mission Societies President, while addressing the members of The National Directors of the Pontifical Mission (PMS) of the Catholic Churches of English-Speaking Africa, in a meeting gathered in Harare, urged the Church in Africa to remain focused on its missionary work and breathe life in churches around the world whose faith was waning. His Excellency Archbishop also stressed that missionary hope lies in Africa despite the continent’s misery and injustice.

As reported by Vatican Radio, His Grace Archbishop Rugambwa remarked that “A solid future for our nations will be the result of a church that is increasingly dedicated to work in favor of life, from its origin to natural death, provided that the family is firmly rooted in the sacrament of marriage, at the heart of which the love between a man and woman meets and is introduced in the love of Christ for his Church.” Further, His Excellency added, “By virtue of its central importance and the various threats looming over it, distortion of the notion of marriage and family devaluation of maternity and trivialization of abortion, easy divorce and the relativism of a new ethics, the family needs to be protected and defended so that it may offer society the service expected of it, that of providing men and women capable of building a social fabric of peace and harmony.”

The Archbishop also called the priests, religious and the laity to be deeply rooted in faith and charity in protecting families from all sorts of spiritual and moral vulnerability. The meeting was organized by the Zimbabwe Catholic Bishops’ Conference PMS National Director, Fr. David Muguti, with the aim of strengthening the missionary communion and to share notes how to carry forward the mission of the Church.