The much awaited day for India has arrived, the heavenly beatification of the heroic missionary, Sr. Rani Maria. Faithful from abroad and from India, is all set to witness one among the most glorious event of their life. The ceremony is expected to begin from 10:00 am with a documentary portraying the life of Sr. Rani Maria and the venue St. Paul Higher Secondary School Ground is already filled with the faithful who have arrived from various parts of the country, to experience the divine moment.

The stage filled with flowers and lights and the ground full of enthusiastic crowd declares the glory of Lord and the love of the faithful towards their beloved missionary.  Fr. Franklin Joseph, Director of Kalyan Media Cell (KMC) remarked that “Sr. Rani Maria is truly an inspiration for all the missionary works of KMC and her beatification gives intense happiness to KMC.”

Many religious and political dignitaries are expected to join the beatification ceremony, which will fill more spirituality to this biggest event.