Holy Father Pope Francis met the members of “The Elders”, an independent group of global leaders working for peace and human rights around the world, at Santa Marta on 6th November, 2017.  The topics that were discussed included migration, nuclear weapon peace, mediation and conflicts, climate change and gender equality.

Former Irish President, Mary Robinson remarked that “The group came to express an appreciation for the role he (Pope Francis) is playing and the fact that he, like The Elders, is trying to be a voice for the voiceless and the marginalized, trying to deal with the most difficult areas of conflict.”Further, she added, “I was very struck by how relaxed the Pope was with us, how much he joked, I think he could be a future ‘Elder’ and I think he is a ‘Super Elder’”.

‘The Elder’ was established 10 years ago by former South African President Nelson Mandela and is currently marking the groups’ 10th anniversary with a campaign called “Walk Together”- continuing Mandela’s long walk to freedom.