Holy Father Pope Francis has sent a message to the participants at a conference taking place in Rome on the theme ‘Pope Paul VI, the Pope of modernity.’ His Holiness Pope Francis highlighted that the conference is taking place 50 years after the publication of his predecessor’s encyclical ‘Popolorum Progressio’, often described as one of the key Catholic Social Teaching documents.

As reported by news.va, Holy Father Pope Francis remarked that “This encyclical (Popolorum Progressio) sought to be a solemn appeal for concerted action in favour of  integral human development and this appeal remains just as urgent today, as poverty increases and peace is threatened on a daily basis in different parts of the world.” Further, His Holiness added, “In order to build peace, we must eliminate the causes of discord, starting with injustice, since peace is the work of justice.”

His Holiness concluded his message by emphasizing the fact that the soul of the Italian people bears witness to a genuine solidarity which is at the basis of all our human communities and exhorted that we must never tire of promoting this witness of authentic humanism, without which  our dignity is at risk