Holy Father Pope Francis while addressing the faithful gathered at St. Peter’s Square for his Angelus prayer conveyed to be always prepared to meet the Lord Almighty and urged the faithful to be vigilant and to be good in actions and words. His Holiness emphasized that the condition to be ready to meet with the Lord is not only faith but highlighted that a Christian life should be full of love and charity for the neighbor.

As reported by news.va, reflecting on the parable of ten virgins with lamp and oil, Holy Father Pope Francis remarked that “The Lord may come at any time, but even the slumber of death will not scare us if we have a supply of oil that we have accumulated through good works every day.” Further, Hus Holiness added, “Faith inspires charity and charity safeguards faith.” His Holiness also highlighted that a life that is poor in charity is devoid of true light.

His Holiness recalled the beatification ceremony that took place in Madrid during which Vicente Queralt Lloret and 20 of his martyred companions and Jose Maria Fernandez Sanchez and 38 of his martyred companions were proclaimed blessed. Holy Father concluded giving thanks to God for the great gift of these witnesses of Christ and of the Gospel.