At the end of this year’s National Youth Day celebrations in the southern city of Zamboanga, the young Filipino participants were challenged to be the bearers of peace. His Eminence Cardinal Orlando Quevedo of Cotabato, in his send-off message, encouraged the young Filipino participants to make a difference and share peace with everyone when they get home. His Lordship Cardinal Orlando also noted that so many people have died because of un-peace.

As reported by, His Lordship Cardinal Orlando remarked that “I give the kind of peace in the mind and heart, peace between you and your neighbor and where there is peace, God’s love is the electricity that bonds two people.” Noting that there is insecurity and peace is at stake especially in the country’s southern region, His Eminence Cardinal emphasized that there are deaths around us because of un-peace.

More than 2,000 young Filipino Catholics from 82 dioceses attended the gathering, which was envisioned to a part of “Mindanao’s healing process” after the fighting in Marawi. More than a thousand people, including civilians, were killed during five-months of fighting in the city of Marawi after the terrorist attacked the city on May 23. The youth day celebration helped the youth to build up their faith and confidence to flourish their significant roles as true Christians.