The Catholic Bishops in Vietnam have urged people to help those affected by the recent cyclones and floods in the country’s northern and central provinces. Typhoon Damrey which made landfall in the coastal provinces on November 4, 2017, claimed 106 dead and left at least 25 missing. The region has been affected by two typhoons, landslides and floods caused by the heavy rain since August, 2017. His Excellency Archbishop Joseph Nguyen Chi Linh of Hue, president of the Catholic Bishops’ conference said in a public letter that the real number of casualties just keep increasing and many houses, crops, fish farms, roads and schools were washed away or destroyed.

As reported by, His Grace Archbishop Nguyen in his letter remarked that “Local people who have lived in poverty have now become homeless and lost all belongings.” Further, His Excellency Archbishop added, “We would like to help those who have suffered the loss of their loved ones and properties other brothers and sisters in provinces affected by typhoons and floods.”

His Grace Archbishop Nguyen also appealed to all the people of God in Vietnam and abroad to cooperate in helping the victims of this natural disaster overcome their present difficulties and soon return to normal life.