TZYM organized a half-day youth-centric spiritual retreat; ‘CONNECT’ led by Jesus Youth and KEY band for the Youth of Thane Forane on Sunday, 12th November 2017 at St. Thomas Church, Vartak Nagar, Thane.

‘CONNECT’ was a platform to bring the Youth of Thane Forane together to pray and to re-build a strong bond with the Almighty.  Connecting With Him and in him was the motto of the session.

Rev. Fr. Jomon Thekkumthala, Mr. Jose – Trustee of St. Thomas Church, Mr. Immanuel Joseph and his wife Divya Immanuel – Representatives of Jesus Youth, Mr. Cyril Thomas – Member of the KEY Band and the Forane Animators took part in the lighting of the lamp followed by prayer song to mark the inauguration of Connect which had a presence of 107 youth and 20 other attendees in animators, guests and performers

The event commenced with an action song, which brought out the child in us. This was followed by praise and worship where we experienced the indwelling of the lord and sang to his glory.

Mr. Immanuel Joseph enlightened the gathering with the motto of the event-Through him, with him and in him.  He said people must Connect

Through Him by prayer, reading the scriptures and partaking of the sacraments. Prayer is a conversation with God and one should find time daily to be in the presence of God through Prayers. By reading the gospel one can find answers to all the problems as it is the word of god which speaks to us. Sacraments are visible signs of invisible grace. One should attend the Holy Qurbana, receive the Eucharist and confess weekly.  Sacraments keep us spiritually clean.  Mr. Immanuel gave an example of litter getting piled up which later becomes difficult to clean in the same way he said one must not pile up sins but should clean it weekly through confession.

With Him we can connect by celebrating and worshipping often, keeping God as our priority, trusting in him, enjoying the freedom that comes from trusting him and not being self-absorbed.  When we connect with him with our soul and mind and when we trust him, we need not be worried.

We can connect In Him by being active members of the Church and the being a responsible human in the society, grow to become more like Jesus through Community, serve and give as God leads you, treat everyone equal in the ministry and as our Pope Francis says, ‘Practice and Practice, never give up in serving the Lord’.

After the interactive sessions and inspirational talks KEY band enthralled the youth of thane Forane with a repertoire of their own compositions. KEY Band had an outstanding performance which was thoroughly enjoyed after which they led the youth to a spiritual adoration. The Adoration was led by Rev. Fr. Siju Kizhakkepallivathikal (Director – Jesus Youth for Kalyan Diocese) which was a divine experience.