His Excellency Archbishop Ignatius Suharyo has announced 2018 as the “Year of Unity” for the Archdiocese of Indonesia as decided during the plenary assembly which was held in Jakarta from November 6 to November 16, 2017. The emphasis is placed on the unity of the Indonesian nation and on the bond that holds people of different culture, religion and language.

His Grace Archbishop Suharyo wishes to be the bearers of the joy of the Gospel, for the construction of the Kingdom of God, fulfilling the principles of the Pancasila, by respecting human dignity and safeguarding creation. The logo published for the “Year of Unity” and a slogan illustrates it: “Let us put into practice the Pancasila: in diversity, we are Indonesia”, has an explicit reference to the contribution offered by Catholics to the nation.

The Catholics Bishops Conference of Indonesia is holding its Plenary Assembly focusing on the theme “To become a relevant and significant Church: the Church’s call to purify the world.”