The Catholic Church in Korea is expected to start a year-long “Jubilee of the Laity” on November 19, 2017, as a part of encouraging the passion of common faithful in the country. The Jubilee will have the title “Witness for the New Evangelization- I chose you, am appointed to go.” The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Korea proclaimed the jubilee at the request of the Catholic Lay Apostolate Council of Korea (CLAK) which marks its 150th anniversary next year.

As reported by, His Excellency Bishop Basil Cho Kyu-man of Wonju, president of the Bishops’ Committee for the Lay Apostolate in his pastoral letter remarking that he expected the jubilee to create momentum for more active faith lives among lay people. His Grace Bishop Basil emphasized that “One thing that the Korean Church can take pride in is the fact that the Church in Korea was set up by lay faithful who studied the Catholic doctrine and accepted it as faith without any foreign missionaries, however, currently many of the faithful have become passive and half-hearted in their faith lives.”

Paul Kwon Kil-joong, CLAK President said that he hoped that it would revitalize faith activities among the church laity and he conveyed his wishes for the jubilee that may it make the faithful look inside their faith and renew it.