Catholics in South Korea are encouraging people to keep the country’s anti-abortion law, in face of a growing campaign to abolish it. The Catholic Lay Apostolic Council of Korea has sent letters to some 80 Catholic lawmakers outlining the church’s teaching on abortion and it also stated its own position on the petition demanding decriminalization, which it says is being driven by women’s groups and NGOs.

As reported by, Fr. Simon Jee Young-hyun, secretary-general of the Life Committee remarked that “Korean society is in crisis in defending life more than ever and the abortion dispute is about the value of a life, which is the starting point of defending all human life.”

Seoul Archdiocese’s Committee for Life, South Korea, held emergency meetings on November 7 and 13 to discuss an effective plan and following the meetings, the committee decided to launch a counter-petition and also strengthen Christians’ awareness of the abortion issue and it plans to gather signatures against the decriminalization of abortion at parish level.