Holy Father Pope Francis welcomed the recipients of the 2017 Ratzinger Prize in Theology, which Benedict XVI established in 2010 as the leading international award for research in Sacred Scripture, patristics and fundamental theology. Catholic Professor Karl-Heinz Menke of the Theological Faculty of the University of Bonn, Lutheran Professor Theodor Dieter of the Institute for Ecumenical Research in Strasbourg and Orthodox Composer Arvo Part, share the Prize this year.

As reported by news.va, Holy Father Pope Francis remarked that “The truth of Christ is not for soloists but is symphonic: it requires docile collaboration, harmonious sharing, seeking it, studying it, contemplating it and transporting it in practice together, in charity, draws us strongly toward full union between us: truth becomes thus a living source of ever closer ties of love.”

His Holiness concluded his remarks by congratulating the illustrious prize winners and encouraged the Ratzinger Foundation to travel along new and broader ways to collaborate in research, dialogue and knowledge of the truth.