Holy Father Pope Francis while commending Italy’s police force for ensuring the safety and security of those travelling by road and train, called on them to inculcate humanity, uprightness and mercy. His Holiness met some 100 top leaders and officials of Italy’s road police that is celebrating its 70th anniversary and railway police that is marking its 110 years.

As reported by news.va, Holy Father Pope Francis remarked that “It is necessary to deal with the low level of responsibility on the part of many drivers, who often do not realize the serious consequences of their inattention or their disregard.” Further, His Holiness added, “This is caused by a hurried and competitive lifestyle that regards other drivers as obstacles or opponents to overcome, turning roads into “Formula One” tracks and the traffic lights as the starting line of a Grand Prix race. In such a context, sanctions are not just enough to increase security but there is a need for an educative action, which creates greater awareness of one’s responsibilities for those travelling alongside.”

His Holiness concluded his remarks by asking the road and railway police to recognize the presence of the clash between good and evil in the world and within us and to do everything possible to fight egoism, injustice and indifference and whatever offends man, creates disorder and foments illegality, hindering the happiness and growth of the people.