Holy Father Pope Francis while addressing the faithful gathered at Casa Santa Marta for his homily conveyed that the cultural and ideological colonization does not tolerate differences and makes everything the same, resulting the persecution even of believers. His Holiness highlighted the martyrdom of Eleazer, narrated in the book of Maccabees from the first reading.

As reported by Vatican radio, Holy Father Pope Francis remarked that “There is a need to discern new things: Is this new thing from the Lord, does it come from the Holy Spirit, is it rooted in God? Or does this newness come from a perverse root? But before, for example, it was a sin to kill children; but today it is not a problem, it is a perverse novelty.” Further, His Holiness added, “Yesterday, the differences were clear, as God made it, creation was respected, but today we are a little modern, you act, you understand, things are not so different and things are mixed together.”

His Holiness concluded his homily by reminding the faithful that the new things of God never makes a negotiation but grows and looks at the future while ideological and cultural colonization only looks to the present and they do not look to the future.