His Excellency Bishop Mar Thomas Elavanal of Kalyan Diocese conveyed the significance of “EVA- Global Symposium of Life”, an event aimed at promoting and encouraging human life which is going to begin from November 30 till December 2, 2017. Through a video message, Mar Thomas Elavanal called the faithful to understand and love human life and also appreciated everyone who works for the success of this Symposium.

His Grace Bishop Mar Thomas Elavanal remarked that “This Symposium aims at advocating and promoting a culture of life and through this Symposium, we want to inculcate in hearts of all people the idea that human life is the precious gift of God and that each person living in this world has a responsibility towards human life.” Further, His Excellency Bishop added, “We are called to respect, protect and love human life from the moment of conception till death.”

His Excellency Bishop Mar Thomas Elavanal concluded his message by expressing his gratitude towards everyone who in one way or the other collaborates and works together for the success of “EVA-Global Symposium on Life”.  “EVA” means “Mother of the Living”, it is global because there are participants not only from Syro-Malabar Church of India but also from the United States. It is organized by Pro-Life movement of Kalyan Diocese, under the guidance of Rev. Fr. Paul Kunduparambil, Director of Pro-Life Movement, Eparchy of Kalyan.