Around 15,000 young Catholics from across northern Vietnam were given the message to shun selfishness and share the gospel with the poor in a spirit of love and peace, by the Bishops in Vietnam. Bishops called the young Catholics to build a better world, at annual Youth Day celebrations held in Thanh Hoa City, some 150 kilometers south of the capital Hanoi, Vietnam. The theme for the annual day was “Put out into deep water and proclaim the Good News.”

As reported by, His Excellency Bishop Joseph Nguyen Nang of Phat Diem remarked that “You are invited to make the world a great family where all people live in love, peace, justice and solidarity.” His Grace Bishop Nang exhorted young faithful to reach out to marginalized members of the community. Mary Dao Thi Mai from Hung Hoa diocese said that the event gave her strength to continue her work at a mission station despite obstacles such as restrictions imposed by government officials.

Among those present at the event were His Eminence Cardinal Peter Nguyen Van Nhon of Hanoi, Archbishop Joseph Nguyen Chi Linh, president of Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Vietnam and other 10 bishops.