Dr. Lalita Deepak Namjoshi, Ex- Principal, Assistant Director of K. J.Somaiya Bharatiya Sanskriti Peetham, Mumbai, presented her research paper in “EVA- Global Symposium on Life” on the ‘Celebration of Life in Hinduism’. Dr. Lalita, while addressing the gathered intellectuals conveyed that life in all forms, even in the inanimate state is always celebrated and respected in Hindu philosophy and way of life and said that it believes that the whole world is pervaded by God. It is abided by God so we should respect it as a great gift given to us by Him.

Dr. Lalita Deepak remarked that “The Vedic seers always expressed the desire to lead a meaningful and healthy life for hundred years. The teachers of Upanishads instructed their students to continue the line of progeny when they went back to their homes after they completed their studies in Gurukul. Though the ideal of Sannyas was held with the highest regard, it was meant for only a selected few who heard the call from within.” Further, she added, “Life of a human being is seen as a privilege since it has the possibilities and opportunities for spiritual elevation and sublimation. It is in the hands of a human being to make best of it. Leading a life to progress on the path of spirituality is the celebration of life for Hindus.”

Dr. Lalita Deepak concluded her presentation by reminding that in the modern context, young people have lost sight of the spiritual celebration of life and they are being swept away by the wrong ideas of celebrating life by satisfying carnal desires.