While presenting his research paper on ‘Celebration of Nuptial Mystery’ in the session on ‘Sanctity of Human Life’ , Rev. Fr. Dr. Jose Koodapuzha, professor of Good Shepherd major Seminary, Kunnoth, explained the significance of marriage. Fr. Dr. Jose Koodapuzha presented his research on this topic in a very intense manner, in the much-awaited event “EVA- global Symposium on Life” at Animation Renewal Centre (ARC), Panvel. He conveyed that marriage is a reality to be perceived, understood and approached from different angles and highlighted that the mystery of marriage and family has been differently understood at different times.

Rev. Fr. Dr. Jose Koodapuzha remarked that “In understanding the mystery of nuptial life the first element to be conceived is that it is a special call, a vocation like any other. In the biblical perspective, every call is in view of entrusting a separate, distinct and unique responsibility. Naturally, call to married life is, therefore, a vocation and It can only be perceived in the light of the call to discipleship as explained in Mk 3:13-14.” Further, he added, “ One who enters into this nuptial mystery takes not only certain responsibilities as husband and wife, or father or mother, it is predominantly a vocation to follow Christ more closely and effectively. The spouses who are called to married life are at once the ministers of the family, ministers of the society and thereby the ministers of humanity. The magnificent and the most luminous form of this is their witnessing.”

Fr. Dr. Jose Koodapuzha concluded his presentation by highlighting that the way of the Church is a man or more clearly family is the way of the Church. He said that it can be achieved when there inaugurates a ‘civilization of love and life’ in every nuptial celebration when family becomes a safe haven where all hare and enjoy true love.