Rev. Fr. Dr. Francis Eluvathingal while presenting his research paper on ‘Celebration of Life in Catholicism’ in ‘Celebration of Human life in religions’, before the galaxy of intellectuals present at the Animation Renewal Centre (ARC), Panvel, conveyed the significance and joyful way through which Catholicism value human life. Rev. Fr. Dr. Francis was addressing the people assembled for “EVA- Global Symposium on Life”, the major event organized by Kalyan Diocese to promote the culture of life. He highlighted the respect that should be given for the integrity of Creation and pointed Pro-Life as an attitude to give dignity to human life.

Rev. Fr. Dr. Francis Eluvathingal, Coordinator General of Santhome Mission India, Hyderabad, remarked that “Basically, when we speak about Pro-Life, it is for life and this is an attitude to respect, nurture and promote life. The parents should realize that they are cooperating with the love of God, the Creator. We need to understand that the divine image of God is present in each and every man.” Further, he added, “The Supreme gift of marriage is a human person.”

Rev. Fr. Dr. Francis Eluvathingal concluded his presentation by exhorting the people to respect the human life and highlighted that the human person participates in the light and power of the divine spirit and man is capable of understanding the order of things established by the Creator. Fr. Francis explained various rituals and sacraments practised in Catholicism from the time of conception and emphasized the need and urgency to create an awareness about the dignity and value of human life.