Mr. Biju Dominic, Co-Founder & CEO of Finale Mile Consulting, Mumbai, presented his research paper on “Being Chaste in Family Life” under the session ‘ Challenges to Family Life’ conveyed that family is the most fundamental unit of the Church and dealt with the impact of pornography on the institution of the family. Mr. Biju Dominic highlighted that sexual erotica has been a part of popular culture for long but in the days before VHS tapes and personal computers a faithful partner wanting a bit of extramarital excitement had very limited options but the advent is of the internet changed it all.

Mr. Biju Dominic remarked that “Statistics say that three in five Indian men approve of pornography and the proportion of those actually watching porn is higher with nearly three in four declaring that they watch porn. Indian women too are watching porn and over 55 percent of all women say their partners approve of pornography. The porn industry has piled innovation on innovation making modern pornography a more immediate, visceral and personalized experience.” Further, he added, “The smartphones have given rise to a new form of pornography- Self-Nude and there are many who indulge in selfies in the nude for their partners consumption or a morale-boosting treat for themselves. Pornography is the big elephant in the room and the moral institutions will be foolish to ignore its enormous impact on the larger society, more so its impact on family life.”

Mr. Biju Dominic explained about various impact of pornography on spousal relationships and concluded his presentation by reminding that today pornography is spreading far and wide at a geometrical proportion. The Church needs to be far more cognizant and vigilant about the negative effects of pornography on family life.