Holy Father Pope Francis while addressing the young faithful and students of Bangladesh at Dhaka’s Notre Dame College, invited them to seek out and live by God’s wisdom in Jesus Christ as handed down by their grandparents. His Holiness conveyed that the wisdom of God opens us up to others and it helps us to look beyond our personal comforts and the false securities which blind us to those grand ideals, which make life more beautiful and worthwhile.

As reported by en.radiovaticana.va, Holy Father Pope Francis remarked that “Young people are always ready to move forward, to make things happen and to take risks. I encourage you to keep moving with enthusiasm in the good times and the bad times.” Further, His Holiness added, “This means moving forward upon the right path and not just any aimless movement. Our life is not without any direction, it has a purpose given to us by God”

His Holiness concluded his remarks by exhorting the young faithful to have hope in Jesus Christ and reminded that the wisdom of God reinforces the hope in us and helps us to face the future with courage.