His Excellency Mar Thomas Elavanal, Bishop of the Diocese of Kalyan, while addressing the faithful gathered at St. Xavier’s High School & Junior College, Kanjumarg, Mumbai, conveyed the significant roles played by a mother in her family and appreciated all the mothers in the diocese for their efforts and hard works in everything they do. His Grace Mar Thomas Elavanal was addressing the faithful gathered for the Mathrusangam Annual Day celebration , held on 3rd December, 2017, from 1 pm to 5:30 pm.

His Excellency Mar Thomas Elavanal remarked that “The presence of mothers in all the activities of our Diocese have become necessary and relevant and now everyone looks at their work with happiness. In the seminar of EVA, it was learned that we should love, protect and nurture life, that is our call and here if we analyze, we can see that the main mission in this is of a mother because God has given the responsibility to save a life, to a mother.” Further, His Grace added, “A mother is the one who will love a life to its fullest and a mother will always live in her child’s heart because her love can never be explained in words.”

His Grace Bishop Mar Thomas Elavanal highlighted all the pains and challenges that a mother encounters in her life daily and appreciated every mother for their faithful works and dedication in everything they do. His Excellency concluded his remarks by congratulating and exhorting everyone who worked behind organizing the Mathrusangam meet and its activities.