Christians in the Indian state Rajasthan are facing critical threats from RSS group in the name of Christmas celebrations, which the group claims to be against their religious thoughts and teachings. The group named Hindu Jagaran Manch of RSS has urged to stop celebrating Christmas in private schools in the state, pointing out that this may cause students from Hindu religion to get converted into Christian faith.

The group created a conflictual atmosphere by attacking a Christmas carol at Prathapgarh, claiming that the Christians are trying to forcefully convert others into their faith through such celebrations. Around 30 people attacked the Christmas carol group and destroyed spiritual books and liturgical things but police have arrested only two men for this act. The group have already created a terrifying atmosphere in the state against Christmas celebrations and have warned the people in the state from celebrating Christmas. The group Hindu Jagaran Manch is known to be led by the UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath.

The persecutions and religious conflicts against Christians in the country are increasing at a high rate, which becomes a serious concern for the Christian faithful in India. The recent attack against the priests and Christmas carol group in Satna has also created a disturbance in the foundation of unity in the country.