Jesuit-run schools students in Japan considered themselves privileged enough to have a one-hour video-chat with Holy Father Pope Francis on December 18, 2017, at Sophia University. His Holiness Pope Francis spoke to the students in Spanish, which was translated into Japanese and he answered eight questions chosen from about 100 submitted by the students.

As reported by, Holy Father Pope Francis remarked that “Education that does not look toward service to others is an education that goes towards failure. It is a self-referential education that looks at itself and this is dangerous.” Asked what his major concerns and hopes were for today’s youth, His Holiness Pope Francis answered: “to rediscover memory, that is, the roots, but not to keep them in the closet, but to make them a dialogue with the present, looking to the future.”

The video discussion was broadcast live and made available on YouTube’s Sophia University Channel. Two Argentine Jesuits, Fathers Renzo De Luca, the Jesuit Provincial and Juan Carlos Haidar, professor of Sophia’s Faculty of Theology, took part in the meeting.