The Churches in Egypt are under high alert tightening their security, fearing attacks on the Christian Churches, on January 7, the day of Coptic Christmas. Most Egyptian Christians belong to Coptic Orthodox Church and they have some very unique traditions for Christmas. They don’t celebrate Christmas on 25th December but on 7th January. Last April, Islamic State militants killed at least 44 Coptic Orthodox Christians as they attended Palm Sunday services at two separate Churches- St. George’s Church in Tanta and St. Mark’s in Alexandria. The chances of attacks against Christians on Coptic Christmas day is considered high by the government and thus has tightened the security forces this year.

The building in front of Al- Ameer Tadress Church, Egypt, was attacked by some perpetrators on 22nd December 2017,  which is seen as a crucial fall in the security forces of Egypt and thus the government has warned them to strengthen their force post this incident. The rumor was claimed that the Copts in the churches were preparing to transform the building into their very own Church- eventually hanging bells in it, though the structure held no crosses. But upon hearing this rumor, local citizens chose to gather before the building preventing Copts from entering, after which they resumed to destroy it.

Nearly all Egyptian Christians today are ethnic Copts, adherents of either the Coptic Orthodox Church or other Coptic churches. The faithful in the country are praying together for the peace of the world and the government of Egypt is undertaking various measures to keep the faithful in the country safe from violent attacks.