After 50 whole years, the Christian community in Myanmar gathered together to celebrate Christmas with joy, under the guidance of Catholics in the country. After receiving the permission from the higher authorities, the country decided to celebrate this year’s Christmas in unity and love, and the celebration began from 23rd December to 25th December, 2017. The faithful in the country consider this holy celebration as a fruitful reflection of the recent papal visit.

As reported by, His Excellency John So Han, Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese in Myanmar remarked that “Each individual should contribute in their own way, to gain peace and happiness in the country.” Fr. George, a priest in Myanmar, emphasized that “I see this celebration as a sign of developing religious freedom in Myanmar.”

Many people who participated in the celebration highlighted that they have not seen such a grant celebration in the past years. Phyo Min Thein, Chief Minister of Yangon Region, Myanmar, ensured to follow the same celebrations with unity in the coming years as well.