His Eminence Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle of Manila, in his ministry as Archbishop of Manila and in his travels for Caritas Internationalis, conveyed the true meaning of hope by people living in situations the world would see as hopeless. His Eminence Cardinal Tagle reminded that the poor know the frustration of dreaming and working hard with not much results and highlighted that they are betrayed by persons and institutions but said that in their raw poverty, what is left for them is their humanity.

As reported by Catholic News Service, His Eminence Cardinal Tagle remarked that “Anyone can be tempted to see the fulfillment of hope in accomplishments, improved numbers and bigger bank balances, the poor celebrate the gift of life and praise the giver of life.” Further, His Beatitude added, “This is the secret of their enduring and persistent hope, which those who enjoy comfortable living, yet complain unceasingly, should discover.”

His Eminence Cardinal Tagle concluded his remarks by emphasizing that “The faith that makes me see how people truly cooperate with God’s action in the world  through sincere love gives me hope.”