His Excellency Bishop Robert Barron, Auxiliary Bishop of Los Angeles, while addressing some 8000 faithful gathered at a Catholic leadership conference conveyed that trust in the risen Christ should give us the courage to preach the truth boldly. His Grace Bishop Barron also highlighted that when Christianity becomes reduced to a mere message that can be gained from the dominant culture, it moves from faith of early persecuted Christians to one which is rewarded lavishly by others.

As reported by Catholic News Agency, His Excellency Bishop Barron remarked that “Through the Holy Spirit, the ascended, risen Christ commands his mystical Body the Church to do what he did, and to say what he said. That’s it, that’s the task of the Church to the present day.” Further, his Grace Bishop added, “This is not the time for anti-intellectualism in our Church! We have lots of young people, you know them, they are your friends and colleagues, who are leaving the Church for intellectual reasons.”

His Excellency Bishop Baron who is also the founder of Word on Fire Catholic Ministries and host of the award-winning “Catholicism” documentary delivered one of the opening keynotes at this year’s Student Leadership Summit Chicago. It aims to train student leaders and other ministries with tools for evangelization and missionary work, largely on college campuses. His Grace Bishop Barron concluded his remarks by exhorting that “Everybody worships somebody or something. Everyone’s got a King, right? Our job is to stand up boldly and say, ‘No, Christ is your King. Everything in your life belongs to Him.”