Holy Father Pope Francis while addressing the faithful gathered at St. Peter’s Square for the Sunday Angelus after baptizing 34 babies in the Sistine Chapel, the annual event that marks Jesus’ baptism, asked the faithful to celebrate their day of Baptism. His Holiness Pope Francis reminded the faithful that this celebration of the Baptism of the Lord concludes the time of Christmas and highlighted that God has taken charge of our fate.

As reported by vaticannews.com, Holy Father Pope Francis remarked that “Thanks to our baptism, not only do we become new creatures clothed with Christ, but we are also able to forgive and love those who offend us and do us harm; we are able to recognize in the last and in the poor the face of the Lord who visits us and is close to us.”

Holy Father Pope Francis concluded his remarks by expressing his joy at having just baptized some children and invoking upon them the protection of Our Lady so they may grow up as disciples of the Lord.