Holy Father Pope Francis while addressing the Italian Association of Catholic Teachers at the conclusion of their national congress in Rome, conveyed that education is a family matter, rather than contradicting one another, parents and teachers must collaborate openly and constructively to form children in core values which enable them to face modern challenges. His Holiness encouraged those present to strive to build a culture of encounter in an even more extensive and incisive way that has been done in the past.

As reported by Catholic News Agency, Holy Father Pope Francis remarked that “Everyone knows that the relationship between education and the family has been in crisis for some time and in certain cases is completely broken. At one point there was a mutual  reinforcement  between the instructions given by teachers and those given by the parents, however, today the situation has changed.” Further, His Holiness added, “But, we cannot be nostalgic for the past. Rather, we must make careful note of the changes that have affected both the family and the schools and renew our commitment for a constructive collaboration for the good of children and young people.”

His Holiness Pope Francis concluded his remarks by thanking the participants for their presence and their works and asked them for their prayers.