His Eminence Cardinal Andrew Yeom Soo-jung of Seoul signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Seoul Mayor to work together to expand solar generation. Seoul Archdiocese is thus encouraging the Catholic faithful to use more solar energy. The Archdiocese will install a solar power generator at Eungam-dong Church early this year and later do the same in other parishes. It will also install a solar-power mobile phone charger at Myeongdong Cathedral.

As reported by ucanews.com, Signing the MoU, His Eminence Cardinal Yeom remarked that “The Catholic Church too is happy to join the project to make the city a ‘solar city’.” According to MoU, which is the first public-private partnership related to the solar city project with the Church, the Seoul Archdiocese will increase generating solar power via the roofs of its parish buildings and on church-owned land including parking lots.

The city decided to reduce energy consumption and produce renewable energy, thereby increasing its energy self-sufficiency rate, as the temperature on the Korean Peninsula has increased by 1.7°C over the last century because of global warming induced by Green House Gas emissions